Alexandre Ngo

Alexandre Ngo

Senior Manager

Profile & Experience: Alexandre is a professional with over 9 years of experience in managing human capital, business development, and asset management/investment. 

Position: Senior Manager

As a senior manager, Alex manages a team specialized in finance & accounting, Alex also advises multinational companies on human capital management strategies. By leveraging his competencies in managing workforce, projects, finances & risks, Alex consults his clients how to hedge their reputational, financial and hiring risks to stay in line with their immediate and long-term objectives.

Background: Originally from Canada, Alex worked 5 years in consultancy and financial services industry before joining the recruitment industry in 2014. His experience benefits him to fully understand the front- and back-office needs of his clients and becoming a trusted partner. 

Interests & Hobbies: Outside of work, Alex is an enthusiastic traveler; having visited over 15 countries. He enjoys absorbing new cultures and speaks  English, French, Vietnamese and Spanish amongst other languages. Experiencing this multitude of cultures differences has given him a dynamic ability to understand and adapt to any type of situation.

Languages: English, French, Vietnamese, and Italian

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