How to Increase Your Chance to Converting to an Permanent Employee

Posted over 5 years ago | by The Advisory Group

Temporary to Permanent employment tips

One of the greatest benefits of taking a temporary job is the ability to get a foot in the door and have a higher chance against external candidates for the next permanent job opening. The reality is that not all temporary jobs will lead to a permanent job.  However, there is a possibility, and here are a few tips to maximize your chances of becoming a permanent employee while being on a temporary or contract employment.  

Treat the Job as if it is a Permanent Position

Not giving your 100% to the job just because it is a temporary position is definitely not the way to go.  Every job is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your resume, add on new skills, prove yourself and increase your network. You want to show your boss that you can do the job, fit well with the team, and that you could be their next permanent employee if given the opportunity. 

Keep a Positive and Can-Do Attitude

When it comes to making a decision on hiring an employee, hiring managers will always look for employees with a good attitude.  A way to show your can-do attitude is being proactive and ask your boss for more responsibilities once you finished your tasks for the day or sooner than expected. You want to show them that you are engaged and willing to help contribute to the company success by taking on more challenges, regardless of your employment type.

Give your best performance

Show that you can do well at your job and that you can certainly bring value to the company.  Be reliable, show up on time, deliver quality work and build a relationship with other teammates.  Don`t complain, work hard, deliver results, and do not gossip. 

EVERY DAY we help professionals find jobs, we help them keep their skills fresh, and increase their chance of becoming a permanent employee.  We are proud to say that 1 out of 2 of our temp staffs gets a permanent job offer after 6-9 months on the job by simply following the above guidelines.  Our clients evaluate candidates based on SKILLS, WILLINGNESS, and more importantly ATTITUDE.

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