How to Use Video Technology to Increase Your Job Interview Rate

by The Advisory Group


With many technologies and platforms being invented every day, it is very easy to apply online to multiple jobs via your phone, desktop, apps, increasing your chance for job interviews, but it also means higher numbers of applicants for each position.

Thus how can you stand out from the competition? How to make the hiring manager pick up your resume from the 1,000 applicants list? How to increase your chance of interviews?

Advisory Group is pleased to introduce you Advisory CVideo, our state of the art video recruitment tool.  Here below are the main benefits of embracing this new video technology:

1. Increase your chance of getting a face-to-face interview with clients.

By using this new CVideo, it will help you stand out from the competition because you will have the possibility to showcase your skills, experiences, and qualification, and demonstrate your social skills. It will also show the client that you are at ease with modern technologies, adaptable to new changes.

2. Save You Time & Give You Interview Flexibility

Are you too busy to go to interviews or even meet with a recruiter for your job search? With Advisory CVideo you will no longer need to take a day off for an interview, as interviews can be conducted online. Also, you will no longer need to stress about being late for an interview, as this CVideo platform will allow you to conduct a video interview from the comfort of your home or from anywhere.  

3. Help Improve your interview skills

You will have the possibility to practice your interview skills and get feedback from a team of experts. Our team of advisors will be more than happy to help you prepare for your next interview by giving you as many tips.

4. Increase job opportunities & Higher success rate

Using our online platform will allow our team to access your video and approach you for new jobs. As well as allowing them to puts a face to the name when introducing you new opportunities.  

Contact us today to take advantage of our CVideo premium service, and get more job opportunities! Direct line: 03-4530-9559 or at