4 Tips to Increase Your Chance of Getting a Job Offer

Posted about 5 years ago | by Advisory Group

Job Offer

Have you been searching for a job for a while now? Got many interviews, however still no job offer on the line? Or you applied to many places but no interview scheduled so far? What can you do to increase your chance of landing a new job? Here are below some tips that can help you increase job offers.

Be Positive and Think Positive

Have you experienced multiple job rejections from companies? Do not worry or panic, continue your job search, but try to understand the reason why you were not chosen if possible. You can then improve and do better at your next job interview. Instead, say to yourself, "If I fail at this, there will be better opportunities out there," or "I have a lot to offer—if this company doesn't realize it, then another company will." If you apply to many jobs but do not get any interviews, revise your resume, and get advice from other people.  Not every job or company will be a good fit for you, think positive, and keep your hope up.

Don’t Ignore Temporary Jobs

Taking a temporary or contract position is always better than being unemployed. Why? When you are working in a temporary position, not only you are keeping your skills fresh, and your market value, but you can also eventually get converted to a permanent employee afterward. Many companies hire candidates on a contract or temporary basis and end up hiring them on permanent. Thus, it is not always the case, but you will have at least have a foot in the door. 

Taking a contract or temporary role does not mean that you have to stop completely your job search, keep searching for permanent positions while you are working.

Put Effort In Your Resume

Your resume is your work experience portfolio. It is the most important and first thing companies will look at, and based on whether or not they would like to meet you. Make sure you have included all relevant job responsibilities and achievements.

Resume Formatting Tips: 

  • Use a logical format, a clean type, and clear headings

  • Only apply bold or italic typeface that will help the reader read easily

  • Use bullet to emphasize on the important points in your resume (i.e. tasks, responsibilities, achievements)

  • Focus on what you did on the job, how did you help the company, and your achievements, instead of a job description

Be Well Prepared for the Interview

Good job you got interviews coming up! Don’t underestimate this crucial step, as this is the moment to make the best impression, and you only got one chance to do it. Here are the main things you need to do before going to your next interview:

  • Do your research about the company

  • Know your resume inside and out

  • Do a practice interview

  • Ask insightful questions

  • Dress professional

  • Be on time

Do you feel you need help brushing up your resume or your interview skills? If yes, contact us today at 050-1741-0090, our advisors will be more than happy to guide and help you increase your chance of getting job offers.