5 Reasons Why Companies Have Temporary Hiring Needs

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5 Reasons Why Companies Have Temporary Hiring Needs

Nowadays, not every employee within a company is a permanent staff, an increase of temporary staff as well have been seen over the years. You might be interested in knowing what drives this demand, and why more and more companies are looking to hire an employee on a temporary basis instead of permanent. Many companies have temporary and contract hiring needs for different reasons. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Due to Fluctuating Demand

Every company will experience at some point some unexpected peaks of work at certain times of the year. For example, back office functions such as finance & accounting roles might have a drastic increase in workload during peak season, the end of the month, year-end etc. 

During these periods a lot of companies have found increasingly beneficial to have some temporary qualified professionals help with the work overload and help the company meet their deadlines.

2. To Fill the Gaps, Reduce Overtime & Tasks Overload

Every company will experience some unexpected leaves, resignation, injured or ill workers, or maternity leave, which can create an imbalance in the team responsibilities and workload. Thus, when these situations arise, hiring temporary employees helps keep the business workflow moving, keeping consistent productivity, and morale within the team, as well as getting the job completed. 

3. To Find the Right Candidate

More employers are choosing to hire contract and temporary employees to make sure the candidate will be a match with the company culture, and perform within the expectation. At the same time, it allows the candidate to test drive the company as well, to make sure they are happy with the responsibilities, and work environment, rather than resigning after a month due to culture fit. 

4. For Specialized Work or Special Projects

When a business has some special projects where it needs specialized skills, it usually does not need all permanent employees.  Thus, the best solution is to hire a qualified and skilled professional for a fixed period, or only until the project is completed. These professionals are experts in their field, know how to complement and bring value, and can hit the ground running from day one, which eliminates the time and cost of training for the company. 

5. Due to Company Budget Constraint

Many companies will adopt hiring temporary staffs as they go through a hiring freeze period, or until they have the headcount approval. Hiring temporary employees is a cost-effective alternative that helps the company complete tasks quickly, accurately, and within their budget. It allows these companies to look at their immediate and long-term staffing requirements and determine what combination of full-time and specialized temporary employees will best meet their demands.

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