4 Benefits of Working Closely With Your Recruiter For New Job Opportunities

Posted about 5 years ago | by Advisory Group

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1. Get Introductions to Exclusive Job Openings

Did you know many positions are not posted publicly? Recruitment companies usually have a strong network of hiring managers from different industries who are looking to fill positions privately before sharing it publicly.  It is important to keep in touch with your trusted recruiter, as they know about the current job openings that are not yet disclosed on the market, and you could be the first person to hear about this opportunity. 

At Advisory Group, our advisors work directly with the decision makers, which mean your chance of getting a job interview with the hiring manager is a lot higher. We work exclusive jobs that are normally not posted online or through other job boards so less competition for you and a greater chance for you to secure that job you want.

2. Get a Better Salary

Are you looking to get a better salary than your current company? Did you know that your recruiter could help you get a better salary? Your recruiter can negotiate the best job offer package on your behalf as he/she knows your value, and knows the ins and outs of the market rate for your level of experience and skills. 

Our advisors at Advisory Group K.K. are strong negotiators, we can negotiate a competitive salary and benefits for you, reflecting your real market value and potential, and in line with the market.

3. Save You Time and Effort

Are you too busy with your current job to be actively applying to companies? Are you looking for a position within a specific industry and field? By working with your recruiter he/she can find that specific opportunity for you within days! You no longer need to spend weeks researching those companies, and checking if they have any hiring positions. 

If you work closely with our advisors, he/she will dedicate their time to search for the perfect opportunity for you.

4. Get Interview Tips & Advice

Do you feel like you need more preparation before your interviews? No worries, a good recruiter will help you and provide you all necessary information, on the people you will be meeting with during the interview, what questions might be asked, and how to best present yourself, so you can maximize your chance for getting this job.

Have you applied to many jobs online and still have not received any response from companies? Do you worry that it might because of your resume? Discuss with your recruiter, and he will be able to guide you and give you tips on how to make it more attractive to employers. 

At Advisory Group, our advisors will be happy to guide you from the first application process, interview preparation, and finally to a smooth job exit. 

Contact us today 050-1741-0090 and one of our advisors will help you enhance your resume, get you introductions to exclusive job openings, and help you maximize the chance of getting an offer!