How to Build a Productive Team?

Posted about 5 years ago | by Advisory Group

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Are you looking to have a more productive team? How can you motivate your team member to use their full potential? Here are a few tips for managers or team leaders to consider in order to build a successful team.

Open Communication

Create a work environment where it is open communication, where each other can come to each other for advice, help or exchange ideas.  Communication is very important as it allows you to keep track of the team progress, tasks, and where it needs improvement.

It can happen that a team member has more difficulty performing some tasks, or might be behind, and will not express it or ask for help. As a team leader or manager, it is part of your responsibility to notice these things and make sure each member understand the importance of communication so you can take appropriate action to help and guide them do their job properly. 

Have a Clear Goal

Does your company or your team know the company or the team main goal? What is each member trying to achieve at the end of the day? “Where are we going and how are we going to get there?”  Make a clear set of goals where each member knows their responsibilities, and what they are contributing to the company. It will make employees feel a sense of belonging, to a purpose, and more likely to be committed to their work. 

Teamwork Culture

What is your current team culture like? What type of team environment do you want? If you want your team to bond, and be closer to each other, then organize activities where each member can interact outside of work, or during working hours. Create a working layout where each member can easily communicate with each other. Also, create a working system approaches that support collaboration instead of individual advancement.

Have a Leader

In every successful team, there will be likely a leader, where its main goal will be to guide and make sure each member is on track to accomplish their task. If you are directly the team leader, inspire and encourage the team. You are responsible to hold the team together, for setting the pace, provide motivation and keeps all members of the team updated. As a manager, empower your team to work independently with minimal supervision in order to achieve a common goal.

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