How to Resign on a Good Note

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How to Resign on a Good Note

Congratulations on your new job! Are you wondering how to announce to your team and manager regarding your resignation?  Here are a few things to consider before quitting without burning bridges with your current company.

1. Give Notice

Do you know what is the standard notice period at your company? Depending on your role, or on the contract you originally signed, is it 2 weeks notice or 4 weeks notice? Will it take some time for your manager to find your successor? As a good gesture, you might want to consider giving them more time if you know it will be a difficult replacement.

2. Write a Resignation Letter

It is professional to write a formal resignation letter addressing to your manager, in order to make it official, and for the company to keep in its employee's file. Also, you want to resign in person, and bring the resignation letter with you. The resignation letter should be simple, mentioning your gratitude for the opportunity at the company, as well as your last official working day.

3. Help with the Handover Period

Depending on your role and responsibilities, you can propose to your manager if you can help with the transfer of responsibilities, such as finding or training your successor. If your current employer needs you to stay longer to complete any unfinished projects, verify with the new company if there is room for negotiation.

4. Announce Your Resignation Properly

Your manager or who you report directly should be the first person to know about your resignation. Also, you want to reach an agreement with your manager on how and when to announce to the rest of the team regarding your departure.

5. Remain Professional Until Your Last Day

Even though your time at the company was unpleasant, remain professional throughout the resignation process.  You want to leave the company on your best behavior, and leave the door open for future employment or job reference. If you have given your company a notice period, stay positive and continue to perform your work as usual.

If you need more tips on how to resign on a good note at your company, do not hesitate to contact us at 050-1741-0090 and one of our advisors will be happy to discuss further!

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