How to Ask For a Promotion

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How to Ask For a Promotion

Have you been waiting to get promoted? Or thinking about asking for a salary increase?  Are you thinking about bringing it up during your next performance review? Here are a few tips to consider before requesting a promotion.

1. Know What You Want

One of the first steps is to think through what you really want for the next step in your career. Do you want to take on more responsibilities? Or do you simply want a higher salary? Does your experience and skill set align with the requirements for these positions?

2. Be Prepared to Show Why You Earned It 

Before asking for a promotion look back at your work, keep track of your achievements and contribution at your current position. Make a list of all your accomplishment to date, and how you have successfully completed all your tasks. This will help you better prepare your arguments as to why you would like a promotion or deserve a salary increase. 

If you are looking to move to a management position, know exactly what you are signing up for, know what the new position entails, and how you would be the ideal person for this position. Be ready to give examples of how you have managed successful projects or made use of your management skills. 

3. Timing – When to Ask for A Promotion

A good time to discuss potential promotion is during the annual or semi-annual review. During the performance review, it is an opportunity for you and your manager to discuss your current progress, expectations, and how you have been doing so far. 

Also, another aspect to consider is your current team situation. When was the last time an employee got promoted? Is your team short-staffed? If it is the case, it might be more difficult for your manager to promote you internally. 

4. Follow-Up 

Keep in mind that asking for a promotion and getting an actual promotion does not always happen overnight. Your direct manager or HR will have to discuss internally. If you do not get a promotion within the next few weeks or months, do not give up yet, follow up with your manager on this discussion at a later date. 

Here is a summary of questions to ask yourself: 

  • What type of responsibilities or work am I looking for?

  • What are the requirements needed for this new role?

  • Do I have the necessary experience or skills to be successful at it?

  • How is my overall performance?

  • Am I ready to take on these new responsibilities?

  • Is it the right time to ask for a promotion? 

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