Successful Working Mother

Posted over 3 years ago

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This is a highly qualified Japanese bilingual professional who recently returned to Japan after having spent 5 years overseas due to her husband’s job relocation. While overseas, she gave up her career and became a housewife and looked after her family. Now back in Japan, she is eager to get back into the workforce as a working mother and continue her career but due to the unemployment gap, most recruiters say they cannot help. No problem, at Advisory Group we CAN HELP and this is what we DO BEST!

At Advisory Group, we only select the best companies for you. We do not spam your CVs to companies hoping to get you an interview, as our business is built upon trust and credibility.  Our clients trust us with our advice, so when we present your profile to them, they will meet you.

When you are part of a company that gives people hope, the work you do always feels good. Discover the power of life-changing work by contacting us at