FIND YOUR PASSION - There is no straight road to your destination

Posted over 3 years ago

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At Advisory Group, we work as a team to fully understand your career history, your achievements, your challenges, and your purpose. Here is a great example from one of our top advisors, Jyunpei.

When we met with our candidate, Jyunpei knew right away that his career path was not the traditional one. He was a professional consultant, moving from company to company in short periods, but always successfully delivered on various high-level projects. Other agencies had difficulty promoting him, but Jyunpei took the time to educate to his clients why this candidate was a hidden gem in the talent market. 

After introducing various companies, Jyunpei and the candidate agreed to focus on one particular opportunity that connected with the candidate's values, passion, ideal role, etc. Jyunpei ensured constant and honest communication between the client and candidate which ultimately led to the successful placement of a future Finance Leader in a world-renowned retailer. 

The candidate

Before: Skeptical of recruiters and mainly depended on himself, but was not able to find the ideal permanent position

Now: Highly appreciative of the time and effort spent to properly understand his career and passion

The client

Before: Skeptical at first and almost skipped on the candidate

Now: Highly appreciative of the time and effort spent to properly explain the candidate's strengths and how he was the right person they needed

At Advisory Group, we strive to provide such excellence with each and every client and candidate, we continuously ask for feedback to better improve our level of service. Why do candidates work with us? Find out why here:

Q1 - Why did you choose Advisory Group as your recruiting agent?

"Because they are good communicators and always support my questions quickly. I believe details and speed are the keys."

Q2 - Did we meet your expectations? Is there anything else you would like us to know about your experience?

"Everything was good. Thanks for supporting to close this big deal"

Q3 - How would you rate your experience with us?


Q4 - How likely is it that you would recommend our service to a friend or colleague?

"Extremely likely - 10"​

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