Finding Meaningful Work

Posted about 3 years ago

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Another successful candidate introduction by Advisory Group's resident marketing expert, Nick Abe. At Advisory Group we don't just fill job requisitions, we work closely with our candidates to find them meaningful work.

In this case, Nick did not have a job description nor an open role for his candidate. But instead, he got to know the candidate, understand her skills, goals and interests - and then suggested some companies that she would be interested in. We don't just match CVs with JDs, we match people with companies.

Once Nick had identified a few potential companies he picked up the phone, as any good recruiter would do, and proceeded to describe the candidate's profile and why they would be suitable for their organization. He quickly got one company interested, set up the initial meeting between the candidate and the hiring manager and the rest, as they say, is history. 

If you want more than just a job, come give us a call today at 050-1741-0090. We do more than recruit. We solve problems.