Will this job make the candidate's life better?

Posted almost 3 years ago

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At Advisory Group we understand that changing jobs is a major life event for all candidates. So many things need to be taken into consideration. Do the skills match? Are the candidate and company culturally aligned? Is there career development? These are the basics.

But what is often overlooked is; will this job make the candidate's life better?

This is true in the case of Nick's most recent placement. The candidate had been living apart from his family for the best part of 2 years. So when an opportunity in Osaka presented itself, Nick knew just the right candidate to approach.

The skills matched. The candidate was a cultural match with the company. And there was plenty of career growth. But best of all, the opportunity allowed the candidate to be reunited with his family in Osaka. Possibly the most feel-good placement of 2021.

Good work Nick!​

At Advisory Group we really do pride ourselves on the quality of our service, not just for clients, but for candidates, too. We are not going to waste your time with irrelevant CVs or irrelevant job descriptions. If you value quality over quantity - please come and give us a call today at 050-1741-0090 or contact us at info@theadvisorygroup.co.jp and we will be happy to support you in finding your next career via permanent, temporary, outsourcing, or contracting opportunities.