Japanese business woman smiling with her co workers
Japanese business woman smiling with her co workers

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Japanese business woman smiling with her co workers

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At Advisory Group, our goal is your ultimate goal; The ability to provide a cost-effective, and optimal solution exclusively catered to your hiring needs. Our advisors will work with you closely to understand all aspects of your company, culture, and employ this understanding to introduce you the perfect candidate. We make daringly innovative and cost-effective hiring solutions and recruitment experiences that make your business leaner and robust.


The Advisory Group is here to advise you on the type of hiring solution that is most beneficial and cost-efficient, as we have a pool of bilingual talent ready for each hiring needs below:

Permanent Employment
Dispatch agreement
Outsourcing service

Permanent Hiring

Our Advisory Group team will source candidates that meet with your requirements, guide you through the entire interview process, and negotiate with candidates on your behalf at the offer stage.

Temp Haken Dispatch Hiring & Project-Base (Consulting/Outsourcing Services) Hiring

This is a great short-term solution to your immediate recruitment needs. Especially for sudden employee resignation, maternity leaves coverage, company hiring freeze, ERP projects or special assignments, work overload during the busy or peak season. We can have a pool of readily available experts to help you cover the tasks and responsibilities during the interim period, bridging the gap and ensure business continuity.

The type of hiring will depend on your hiring needs (nature and circumstances of the vacancy). For more details about the advantages under each type of employment contracts, please contact one of our specialists at info@theadvisorygroup.co.jp call us at 050-1741-0090.


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