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What is Advisory CVideo?

We are here to help you increase your chance of getting a face-to-face meeting with our clients.  Our CVideo will help you go that one step further with your job application in order to stand out from your competition, as sometimes a CV is simply not enough.  We put your CV to life with CVideo, our video recruitment tool.  This will help you showcase your skills and experience to potential clients and will take you one step further to securing an interview by recording a short solo interview through our CVideo platform.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Meet and screen candidates before you hire
  • Save you time, saves wasted interview time
  • You can review the candidates at your desk or on the move
  • Meet our candidates via your PC or mobile
  • Reduces the recruitment time cycle by 75%
  • Hire the right candidate within a shorter period of time
  • No need to travel
  • We understand that it could take a lot of your time the 1st interview stage. Our CVideo allows you to review candidates answering pre-agreed questions, so you can cut down on the number of interviews!
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Benefits to Candidates:

  • CVideo can save YOU time!
  • Increase your chance of getting a face to face interview with clients
  • Showcase your skills, and qualifications
  • Makes you stand out from other competing candidates
  • Allows our advisors to access your video and approach you for new jobs
  • Puts a face to the name when putting you forward for a role
  • Higher employment success rates
  • Too busy to meet with us? No problem, you can record or schedule a face to face video meeting from the comfort of your own home

You are too busy with work? No spare time for meetings? No worries, with this video technology, it saves you time, as you can do the meeting or interview anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.