Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing recruitment team works with a unique talent pool of professionals who have specific industry experience and skills set to help each one of our partners achieve optimum performance, and build the greatest marketing and sales teams for their requirements.

We understand that each product, goods, or services require skilled professionals to handle the operations and the activities involved in promoting, selling, and distributing it. At Advisory Group, each division covers projects, interim, contract, temporary and permanent positions and work with businesses of all sizes from startups to global corporates to source unique talent for them.

There is always a high demand for sales and marketing professionals if you would like to explore new opportunities or partner with us to find talents for your business, contact us at 050-1741-0090 or email us at info@theadvisorygroup.co.jp

Sales and Marketing roles we cover:

Marketing Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Account Management, Sales Operations, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Brand Manager, General Manager, Product Manager, Public Relations & Corporate Communications, Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Market Research, Event Management, Product Development Manager, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce Manager.