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Message from the CEO

As founder and CEO of the Advisory Group my mission is to continue driving positive change to the recruitment industry in Japan and encourage companies to hire individuals based on their skills, experience, attitude and potential rather than age, gender, education or career gaps.  

Japan has a very high quality workforce that continues to remain untapped to these days (e.g. educated women, working moms, semi-retirees and retirees).  However, large recruitment companies focus mainly on the younger workforce, leaving behind excellent experienced professionals ("freelancers") and small to mid-sized companies buried.  Existing agency fees are also very expensive, limiting client and candidate' choices.  We feel that the work environment and how companies hire and who they hire in Japan can be improved.

We thrive on results and customer satisfaction.  Whether you are looking for a new career opportunity, hiring new talent for your business, or would like to discuss the current job market, Advisory Group can help.

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Jivago Matsuoka
Founder and CEO


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