Why do candidates choose to work with us?

Posted over 3 years ago


Why do candidates choose to work with us? We work directly with the decision-makers, which means your chance of getting a job interview with hiring manager is a lot higher. We can get them an interview in front of decision-makers, hiring managers who understand the needs of the firm, regardless of AGE and GENDER. Our clients screen candidates based on skills, achievements, and more importantly, ATTITUDE.

These are qualities that often are overlooked and forgotten in the excitement of progress. Well done to our advisor, Jyunpei for securing an exciting employment for this highly finance and accounting experienced professional!

If you are a bilingual professional in finance and accounting and looking for account payable, account receivable, fp&a analyst, Finance Controller, Accounting Manager, Tax, Audit, CFO roles, please contact us at info@theadvisorygroup.co.jp