Japanese business people discussing work
Japanese business people discussing work

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  • ​​Very professional advisors and gave me job information in detail. Their service is unique, take care of people who are skillful but senior.

  • ​​l received a lot of useful information regarding the current job market, my advisor Alex was very well informed, he also helped me prepare before each interview. I recommend this agency!

  • ​​Wonderful recruiting firm with very good people. The recruiters are veterans and recommend companies with "amazing people" and "great working culture" with very good understanding of work life balance! I highly recommend this company.

  • ​​Very professional recruitment firm! Highly recommended, they take care of people not only in the first meeting but for the whole process. Thank you!

  • ​​In a moment I need a quick solution to find a new job, the company deliver exactly what I need.. When recruiter was not yet convinced of my capability, the company assisted the recruiter to clear their concern.. the company represented my self to negotiate compensation with the recruiter, so that I was able to get best possible deal for that role. Based on the experiences I think they deserve 5 stars from me. So thank you.

  • ​​The Advisory Group members are active, thoughtful and very quick in terms of securing interviews I have worked with the Advisory Group's agents, namely Rina, Tash and Jenifer; all whom supports me dearly I would highly recommend the Advisory Group for your next job search!

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Driving positive change to
the recruitment industry

Our main mission is to continue driving positive change to the recruitment industry in Japan and encourage companies to hire people based on their skills, experience, attitude and potential rather than age, gender, education or career gaps.  Our approach weaves together the best of recruitment with a modern understanding of the human psyche to help you move past resistance, blocks, and fear to find and live your purpose (and I've gone through this journey myself).  We partner with small company run by a single entrepreneur to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 publicly listed firms helping them streamline their recruitment processes and offering cost-effective hiring solutions:

Permanent Employment
Dispatch agreement
Outsourcing service

Our approach is simple, we give customers (candidates and clients alike) what they want first and they may well give us what we want in return.  We always explore the real needs of the client, we don't only settle for what he or she wants, this way we either gain a happier client or lose a lousy client.  By modernizing the recruitment process and enhancing the communication between employers and prospective employees, we create "out of the box" hiring solutions to address our clients and candidates needs.


Business driven. People focused.
Let's shape the future together.