Japanese business people sitting on a table and discussing
Japanese business people sitting on a table and discussing

About Us

Mount Fuji, Japan`s tallest peak, is regarded as an enduring symbol of purpose.  As people, we are all built to have purpose.  Our purpose at Advisory Group is to help overlooked talents find real jobs that make a meaningful contribution.  We help people discover their purpose at work by finding them a financially rewarding career.  Do you know your purpose?

Jivago Matsuoka sitting on a chair

We are changing the recruitment landscape by breaking away from the conventional recruitment model to better serve the real needs of today`s clients and candidates.

Japan has a very high quality workforce that continues to remain untapped to these days (e.g. educated women, working moms, semi-retirees and retirees).  However, large recruitment companies focus mainly on the younger workforce, leaving behind excellent experienced professionals ("freelancers") and small to mid-sized companies buried.  Existing agency fees are also very expensive, limiting client and candidate' choices.  We feel that the work environment and how companies hire and who they hire in Japan can be improved.

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Japanese people discussing work

Driving positive change in the industry

Advisory Group’s mission is to drive positive change to the recruitment industry and encourage companies to hire people based on their skills, experience, attitude and potential rather than age, gender, education or career gap.  We are PASSIONATE about people and we help overlooked talent to find real jobs that make a meaningful contribution. We work for the under appreciated candidates, such as single moms, working moms, seasoned and semi-retired professionals and the unemployed.



We work closely with hiring managers and key decision makers, allowing us to deliver better customer service through direct, accurate and timely feedback, and saving clients time, money and recruitment effort.


We are nimble and flexible. We take an "inside out" approach, where our advisors work in partnership with hiring managers, leaders and their teams. We move talent in and out over the life of a project to make sure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Speed to Market

We work with urgency and accuracy to ensure our customers get results in a timely manner. We regularly gather feedback from our clients and candidates to improve and tailor our services to better address their needs.


Business driven. People focused.
Let's shape the future together.