Advisory Group's mission - the untapped workforce

Posted over 2 years ago


I think everyone by now knows what Advisory Group's core mission is - to represent the underutilized workforce in Japan. Whether they be working mums or candidates that have taken early retirement. There is so much talent out there that gets overlooked by the majority of our competitors. 

Case in point, I met an amazing talent at the start of the year. She had taken early retirement after 25+ years at the same company. A wealth of experience and achievements. But even so, not many recruiters had taken the time to meet her and truly understand what her skills, goals and interests were.

When one of my regular clients reached out to me for an urgent, senior role, I knew just the person. We had kept in communication throughout the year, so one quick phone call later, she was scheduled to meet with my client, and once met, it was the smoothest process to have her start work from the following week. Client is happy as we solved a serious problem for them. The candidate, also happy, as she can use her experience to add value to the company and the next generation of employees. ​