We are unified by our passion to help all job seekers: passive, unemployed, working mothers,  single mothers,  senior citizens over 60 and we deliver on our commitments. We came together to change the recruiting landscape, celebrate Monday mornings and help all candidates find a job they love. 

We exist to help all employed and unemployed bilingual professionals get back into the workforce, through our unique and proven recruitment methodologies. We can help you, regardless of your age, gender, education, or career gaps. Our team of advisors will work with you on a career plan to maximize your chance for new job opportunities. 



The type of jobs we can provide you will depend on your needs and circumstances and for more details about the advantages under each type of employment contracts, please contact one of our specialists at info@theadvisorygroup.co.jp or call us at 03-4530-9559.


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    Get an introduction directly with the hiring manager

    We work directly with the decision-makers, which means your chance of getting a job interview with hiring manager is a lot higher.

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    Get an introduction to exclusive job openings matching your needs

    We work exclusive jobs that are normally not posted online or through other job boards so less competition for you and greater chance for you to secure that job you want. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ and candidates’ needs before we set up and confirm an interview.

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    We only select the best companies for you

    We do not spam your CVs to companies hoping to get you an interview, as our business is built upon trust and credibility.  Our clients trust us with our advice, so when we present your profile to them, they will meet you.

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    We have a healthy placement track record

     We have a low turnover rate with our placed candidates over the last 10 years in the business  (i.e. 90% of our placed candidates are still in their job for more than 5 years from the time they were placed by us!)

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    We are honest advisors

    We always welcome all feedback constructively and positively as we seek to work with you as efficiently as possible, helping you reach your goal: securing you a job. We advise and help you improve certain aspects of your CV and profile to increase your chances of securing a job interview and employment.

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    Get paid what you are worth

    We are strong negotiators, rest assured we can negotiate a competitive salary and benefits for you, reflecting your real market value and potential, and in line with the market.