Questions & Answers about Temporary & Contract Work

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Questions & Answers about Temporary & Contract Work

Are temporary jobs only lower level functions?

It is a common misconception that temporary jobs are only administrative and entry-level functions. Temporary jobs are now much more in demands, as the needs of businesses and workers have changed over the years. Positions can range from bookkeeping tasks to interim CFO duties, and many of which require specialized skill sets.

These temporary positions require a great deal of expertise and training, as these roles need to be filled by a portfolio specialist which makes them ideal to work on short-term projects. These professionals have embraced the consulting lifestyle because it allows them to have more flexibility, receive a competitive salary, and the ability to choose their next assignments or projects.   

Does contract work offer any social or health benefits?

Temporary employment offers all social and health benefits as a permanent employee. The difference is that it is the dispatching company who will be the one issuing all the benefits to the temporary staff.

It is better to take a temporary job or stay unemployed for a permanent job?

It is better to take a temporary job than staying unemployed, as it will allow you to keep your skills fresh, up to date, and earn a revenue while you find your perfect permanent position. Remember, taking on a temporary work, does not prevent you from looking for permanent employment.

Temporary is only short-term

Temporary position can vary significantly, from weeks to months. Once you have taken a temporary role, you already have a foot in the door. If you perform well, keep a great attitude,  you will have a great chance of getting a permanent offer at the end of the contract period. 

Will temporary work affect negatively my chance for permanent positions?

Temporary work is becoming more and more common these days. Companies and hiring managers understand the benefits, and the value these professionals bring to the company.  Interim assignments have come to be viewed more as high-level projects rather than entry-level responsibilities.  Finance and Accounting professionals who work on a temporary basis are often involved in projects that are challenging and allow them to acquire limited skills. 

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