How to Overcome Age Discrimination in your Job Search in Japan?

Posted almost 4 years ago | by Advisory Group

How to Overcome Age Discrimination in your Job Search in Japan?

Have you been applying a lot recently, however it doesn’t seem to be moving to the interview stage? We understand that occasionally age can weight down your job search. Here are some tips to overcome age discrimination in your next job search.

Emphasize on Your Expertise and Skills

When was the last time you updated your resume? Your resume is your work experience portfolio. It is the most important and first thing companies will look at, and based on whether or not they would like to meet you. Make sure you emphasize your work experience in the last 15 years and include all relevant job responsibilities, achievements. In addition, include a career summary section in your resume, which will help recruiters see your past achievements while highlighting all your technical skills.

Resume Formatting Tips:

  • Use a logical format, a clean type, and clear headings

  • Use bullet to emphasize the important points in your resume (i.e. tasks, responsibilities, achievements)

  • Focus on what you did on the job, how did you help the company, and your achievements, instead of a job description

Stay Up-to-Date With Technology

It is important that you are aware of the latest trends in your current industry. Learning new skills and adapting to new types of systems are imperative to the current global workforce. For example, you can take online classes, ask colleagues or friends to help you learn new tools, which will keep you up-to-date, competitive and much more employable.

Consider Different Employment Types

Have you ever considered other types of employment such as contract or temporary positions? If you believe you are experiencing ageism in your job search, it might be worthwhile to consider temporary, contract or part-time jobs with alternative schedules.

Taking a temporary or contract position is now more popular amongst many job seekers. Why? Working on a temporary position, allows you to keep your skills fresh, your market value, and showcase what you can do for the company, at the same time increase your chance to get converted to a permanent employee afterward.

Work Closely with a Trusted Recruiter

Recruitment companies usually have a strong network of hiring managers from different industries who are looking to fill positions privately before sharing it publicly.  It is important to stay in touch regularly with your trusted recruiter, as they know the job market, understand your experience well, and know how to properly promote your skills to their clients.

At Advisory Group, we work with many companies who are interested in candidates because of their skills, experience, and attitude regardless of their age. We work exclusive jobs that are normally not posted online or through other job boards so less competition for you and a greater chance for you to secure that job you want regardless of your age! Contact us today at at 050-1741-0090.

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