Nothing is more important than understanding your candidate and client by listening

Posted over 2 years ago


knowing what they want and, in the end, helping them achieving just that.

This placement is picture perfect example of just that. The Client who happened to be an NGO was looking for someone very specific that could start as soon as possible and on top of that, who would understand what it meant to work in an NGO and how difficult it had been for them to find someone willing to undertake this opportunity.

We at Advisory group understood the pain that our client was facing and reached out to a very suitable candidate who matched in terms of skill and what she could bring to the company and best of all, always wanted to work in an NGO. It was a match made in heaven and both the client and candidate are very happy to get the chance to work together.

By listening to what the candidate would want in their next career step and to the client on what type of profile would fit best, we were able to make the ends meet beautifully, as we at Advisory group believe in supporting and promoting the under-represented candidates as well as all other candidates by focusing on their skill and what they could bring to the table rather than focusing on other factors such as age.