Mark Yamada

Mark Yamada

Senior Advisor

Position: Senior Advisor

Profile and Experience: Mark is a seasoned account executive with over three years of experience across the tech, fintech, and consumer sectors. His expertise lies in bridging mid-level talent to executive roles, leveraging insights gained from his background in mass media and government. Mark excels in problem-solving, crafting tailored solutions for clients in finance, sales, and marketing.

Background: Raised in the Philippines with a multicultural heritage of Filipino and Japanese roots, Mark brings a unique global perspective to his work. His upbringing fosters an inclusive approach to client relationships, enhancing communication across diverse cultures.

Interests & Hobbies: Outside of work, Mark is passionate about continuous learning, dedicating his free time to studying new skills and indulging in literature. He maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts. Mark's love for strategic video games and JRPGs reflects his analytical mindset and penchant for challenges. He also enjoys building gaming PCs from scratch, showcasing his attention to detail and innovative spirit.

Languages: English, Japanese, Tagalog

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